Have you ever wondered why electricity is so important? If we did not have electricity, would it be so easy to produce sound or to produce light?

The importance of batteries is evident in our everyday life. Cell phones, television remotes, laptops, and cars are some of the objects that employ batteries. Batteries have a large advantage over other power sources as they can deliver power within a fraction of seconds, unlike an internal combustion engine which takes some time to warm up. Batteries can handle varied power requirements and offer better efficiency than other power sources such as fuel cells and IC engines. A lithium-ion battery has an impressive charge efficiency of 99% and the discharge loss is small as well. Whereas, A fuel cell can have an efficiency of 20 to 60 percent and an ICE offers only 25 to 30 percent.

Batteries are a blessing to the environment as they function quietly and produce clean energy. However, batteries also fall behind other energy sources in terms of their specific energy and their ability to perform well in extreme conditions.