The third and final season of German Science Fiction “Dark” is out on Netflix. The series revolving around paradoxes of space time travel is creating excitement and news among viewers. Uncertainties and Probabilities have fascinated humans since the beginning of time. It is because of this fascination that they stepped out to uncover the mysteries of nature. It is because of this curiosity that they traveled across deadly oceans to disapprove “the flat earth theory”. It is because of this inquisitiveness that they flew to the unknown space to find the possibilities of life.

Covid-19 has added many uncertainties to economies and businesses. The fast-growing Lithium-Ion battery business was no exception. Everyone in the ecosystem from raw material suppliers to end customers faced the brunt. To understand the dimensions of this uncertainty, our team organized multiple discussions with pioneers in cell industry, two-wheeler & three-wheeler industry, solar industry, logistic and transportation industry during the lockdown. We spoke to people in DISCOMs and we also spoke to professors and scientists in Indian and US universities.

Contrary to popular opinion, markets are bullish on the lithium battery business. While government initiatives like Saubhagya Scheme have lost the momentum, large scale solar storage is opening avenues. During the lockdown, on multiple occasions, PM Modi has spoken about the Solar and Storage domain. This was also reflected in our enthusiastic sessions with Solar Sangathans that are seeing BESS as the next big thing. The mobility market which was down in the months of April and May is also seeing uptakes. Next coming months will be interesting.

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