As a result of increasing inventive collaborations among automobile manufacturers, battery producers, research institutes, and the government, electric vehicles (EVs) have begun to make inroads into common Indian families. India’s first virtual marketplace for electric vehicles is about to get launched by EV MARKETZ.

The site is solely dedicated to the selling of electric vehicles and related services. Due to rising fuel prices and attempts to save the environment, industry professionals are hopeful about the sector’s future in India.

EV MARKETZ was created to be easily accessible, and it offers all of the major types of electric vehicles, including bikes, motorcycles, cars, and even commercial vehicles, as well as a selection of models and accessories to best suit the consumer’s needs and budget.

The site sells both new and used electric vehicles, making it possible for first-time buyers to test out EVs at a cheap cost. TATA, Honda, Morrison Garages, Mercedes, Jaguar, and Audi are among the main automakers whose products are available on the virtual marketplace.

“EV MARKETZ is a highly promising and ambitious venture that, thankfully, will play a good role in transforming the electric car market,” says Anand Dharavath, Founder and CEO of EV MARKETZ. With the emergence of better and more favorable electric vehicles in the market, we work to further the spark of electric vehicles in the Indian domestic market and improve our operations.”

Dharavath intends to increase his company’s offerings, to make EV MARKETZ a one-stop-shop for customers with all types of electric car needs.

Before the introduction of its new e-marketplace, the company claims to have onboarded over a hundred dealers across the country in most major towns. Customers can also get help with financing and insurance alternatives from EV MARKETZ.

The content of this news is taken from SaurEnergy