In our last Blog, we saw how a man named Hideaki Horie has started APB Corp. to develop all-polymer batteries. These batteries will be significantly easier to manufacture as compared to lithium-ion batteries and will also cost 90% lesser in comparison with lithium-ion. Another advantage of these resin-based batteries is being resistant to catching fire when punctured

Here we discuss an interesting story from Hideaki’s past and explore his relationship with batteries. In February 1990, when Hideaki was an employee at Nissan, he had started the automaker’s nascent research into hybrid and electric vehicles. A few weeks later, Sony Corp. shocked the world with the news that it is going to invest in Nickel-metal-hydride batteries. Hideaki realized that it was a promising opportunity and persuaded the two companies to combine their research efforts that same year. 

By 2000, when Nissan was about to give up on their battery business, they were rescued by Renault SA. Horie had one last chance to convince his new boss, Carlos Ghosn that electric vehicles were worth it and the research should be continued. Horie delivered a 28 minute presentation to Carlos Ghosn and Ghosn was excited about the upcoming investment. The project was given a go-ahead and little did anyone know that Nissan Leaf would go on to become the most selling electric vehicle for an entire decade.

In our next market watch, find out about an Indian company which has started indigenous manufacturing of Lithium-ion batteries

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