Sun Mobility, Zypp Electric collaboration

Sun Mobility has collaborated with Zypp Electric to improve last-mile connectivities in cities. This is the first partnership revealed as part of Sun Mobility’s recently announced Mobility as a Service (MaaS) offering. Together, the two businesses have already deployed electric 3W cargo vehicles in Delhi-NCR, with plans to expand to ten more cities shortly.

Over the next three years, the collaboration hopes to deploy 10,000 electric vehicles across various platforms. The latest collaboration will provide Zypp with a cutting-edge electric mobility solution that includes leading cargo vehicle types with smart batteries and access to a large network of Swap Points.

This collaboration will offer a pay-per-use plan with unlimited battery changes. Zypp will be able to grow up its fleet operations without having to worry about battery and charging infrastructure as a result of the new relationship, according to the business.

Sun Mobility claims that its industry-leading service offers it an advantage by allowing it to offer the lowest cost and best fleet uptime through a 2-minute exchange. The interoperability of battery swapping infrastructure across EVs will allow Zypp to use standard battery swapping infrastructure to accommodate a variety of vehicle models across the fleet.

Furthermore, the connected batteries’ telematics data and analytics ensure operational efficiency. According to Zypp, the cars will be used in a variety of applications including retail, eCommerce, and grocery delivery.

Sun Mobility hopes to have over a million vehicles on board by 2025, thanks to its MaaS solution. The company has already begun deploying solutions in the eCommerce and products delivery areas in major cities such as Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, and Chandigarh, with ambitions to extend to more Indian cities shortly.

Hundreds of such vehicles have been onboarded by several fleet operators, according to the business, and thousands more are on the way.