Nikola Tesla is the man who helped electrify America and he gained popularity in the last decade after Elon Musk named his company after Tesla. Nikola was a scientist and engineer with much bigger ideas.

In the beginning of 20th century, Tesla had a vision to send wireless electricity around the world with just a tower. With the help of JP Morgan who invested $150,000, Nikola built the first tower in 1907.

His experimental tower was called the Wardenclyffe tower or Tesla Tower, it was 187 feet tall, made out of wood with a giant ball of 68 feet in diameter was on the top of the tower.

He hoped to build at least 30 more towers around the world to electrify the globe. Tesla had planned to send electricity through the atmosphere which could be received and used by anyone with the correct equipment.

This idea was huge and required much greater energy source to send the waves which in turn required more money, which J.P. Morgan was unwilling to provide. Even after mortgaging his own property, he lost the tower at the end without any success, which later was scrapped by the new owner in 1917.

Along with this, Tesla had a lot of other ideas that were never released and after his death, few of his other papers are still classified under the US Government.

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