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OJAS is a Sanskrit term meaning “vigor,” and it is best understood as Essential Energy for the Body and Mind.

Shortened Charging Time

Functionally Safe

Improved Range Per Charge

Fast and Efficient Balancing

OJAS Lite | Inverted Energy


The BMS is powered by Texas Instruments – the brain of BMS – which is one of the leading pioneers in the semiconductors industry which assures very high precision and reliability of the BMS.

We are using High-end MOSFETs – the heart of BMS – from Nexperia and Infineon which are robust and durable.

OJAS Lite Specifications
OJAS | Inverted Energy


BMS designed by Inverted offers accurate cut-offs with low error tolerances. The BMS is based on Texas Instruments highly reliable battery management solution.

It offers Overvoltage cut-off, Under voltage cut-off, Temperature cut-off, dual overcurrent cut – offs, short -circuit cut-off. The cut-off thresholds are set after surveying cell-characteristics over a large dataset to offer Optimal capacity along with maximum life – cycle.

It uses high-quality MOSFETs from Nexperia and Infineon which ensures durability and reliability at the prescribed current rating keeping temperature within safe limits. It also offers top-level cell balancing during charging which is one of the crucial features of premium BMS.

It ensures all cells are charged up to the same voltage level within the error window to ensure maximum capacity. We designed multiple test cases to validate each of the cut-offs and for different applications. Providing years of service, we also designed many

OJAS Specifications